Derek and Stephanie met in law school. Derek says that the first time he ever saw her, he thought she was absolutely beautiful. :-) Of course, life and the busy-ness of law school kept them from connecting for awhile.

But one day during their 3rd year in law school, Derek invited everyone in the study to a concert and only Stephanie showed up! Over a meal at Chipotle, they found they had a lot in common. Their next outing was a trip to the gun range. What was supposed to be a big group ended up just being Derek, Stephanie, and Derek's roommate Matt (who is the wedding officiant!)

After about a month, Derek and Stephanie went to a Bible study Christmas party together and after another month apart, they realized they should see each other a little more frequently. ;) Their first date was to a comedy show, and the rest - as they say - is history! :-)


Stephanie Dube is a pretty cool girl. ;) Not only does she have a J.D. but she also has a Master's of Science in Science and Technology Journalism and worked for many years in full-time ministry at a church in Dallas.

Stephanie also loves cats :D and loves to shop for cute, sparkly clothes. She is a huge fan of science fiction, and is really grateful that Derek likes sci-fi too! She loves to write fiction whenever she has some spare time, and would love to one day be a published author. She can't wait to be married to Derek!  




Derek, as you can see in the photo to the left, is an extremely photogenic and very handsome attorney who has an exciting career ahead of him. (Yes, Stephanie wrote this bio!) Derek is a dreamer, and also has some exciting business ideas that he is pursuing.

Derek might not admit it publicly, but he loves cats just as much as Stephanie and together they own an adorable tabby named Mufasa. :) (Will Derek change this bio at all when he reads it?) Stephanie is the greatest blessing to come into Derek's life and he can't wait to spend the rest of his life with her!


Stephanie and Derek are so happy that you've taken the time to read about how they met, and a little about their lives. They can't wait for you to join them as they start their future together!

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