The Maids of Honor


Rachel Vardeman

Rachel is one of Stephanie's closest friends in
all the world! They've had a lot of laughs
together, but also helped each other through
some tough times, too. Rachel shares
Steph's love of physics and sci-fi. (Which
is sad for Rachel's husband Wes, who
sometimes graciously watches the kids
while they go and watch sci-fi. Thanks Wes!)

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer is Stephanie's sister and also
a really close friend. Stephanie is so
blessed to have such a wonderful
sister! Jennifer is absolutely
hilarious, so fashionable, and
gives great advice. She was a hard
act to follow growing up! ;-)
Stephanie is so grateful for her sis.


The Best Men


Adam Goebel

Adam is a determined and singularly brilliant
man who lives the Socratic code that the
"unexamined life is not worth living".
Adam and I began undergrad at the same time, with
the same major, and lived on the same dorm hall.
In less than a week we were already pulling
all-nighters to debate any and every-thing.
I know I can rely on Adam to bring a unique
perspective to the table every time.
Adam is currently a full time school teacher and
working on his Masters degree. Adam has sworn to
never fail a student named "Derek".

Daniel Davis

Some people just have a knack for
impressing people. Daniel Davis is one of those
people. He has the rare combination of an artist's
creativity with the analytic skills of a seasoned
businessman. Daniel and I have known each
other since sixth grade and he has been one
of my most trusted friends and confidants.
Daniel has sworn to chop off the tip of his
finger were he ever to fail me.


The Bridesmaids



Cindy Gordon

Stephanie and Cindy have been close friends since the days when they both lived in Plano and worked at Prestonwood. Cindy was always the first one to wisely tell Stephanie that guys just weren't good enough for her. But when Cindy met Derek, she immediately approved! Cindy is very wise. :-)


Diana Miller

Diana was one of the first close friends that Stephanie made when she started law school. Diana helped Stephanie get involved in Bible study and introduced her to a lot of people. Diana's always made a big effort to stay in touch, even after they both moved. Diana is hilarious and can also have the best, deepest conversations about faith and life. Diana is the best!


Loyda Munoz

Loyda and Stephanie have had some really
great times together. Who could forget the
jokes they used to play on ministry leaders
or the leadership retreat they went on, or...
The list just keeps going! Loyda also has
the most amazing heart for God and
serves Him wholeheartedly. Stephanie is
so grateful for such a great friend!


Liz Wilfong

Liz is one of Stephanie's lifelong friends!
Liz is a brilliant doctor with an amazing life.
She & Steph went to A&M, went to
a dorm Bible study together, and continued
to stay in touch all these years later.
Stephanie was in Liz's wedding and got
to watch their relationship unfold. Now
Liz is going to be in Stephanie's wedding
all these years later!


Shelby Taylor

Shelby is Stephanie's gorgeous and
brilliant niece! Shelby will probably
be saving the world in a few years. ;)
Shelby has a unique and really fun
take on the world. In fact, she will
be sporting the coolest shoes of all
the bridesmaids on the wedding day.
Just wait and see!


Sydney Taylor

Sydney is Stephanie's adorable, sweet,
and absolutely wonderful niece! But
she also knows how to keep people
on track! When Stephanie fell behind
on wedding planning, Sydney kept
her on task. :) Sydney was the perfect
wedding coordinator. In fact, Sydney
was the one who found Stephanie's
wedding dress! She has great taste. :)


The Groomsmen



Kevin Davis

Kevin and I spent much of our high-school years on road trips, memorizing the Bible and competing in Bible Quiz. Over that time, we developed a lifelong friendship that I value greatly. Though all my friends are quite witty, he may in fact be the funniest. Kevin has never defeated me in the square game and he never will. As an incredibly generous gesture, Kevin has sworn to donate all of his income beyond 30k each year to a charity of my choosing.


Taylor Crane

Taylor and I go all the way back to Jr. High
and he has been there through thick and thin.
I sincerely hope that some of Taylor's comedic
genius has rubbed off on me throughout the years.
Taylor is the kind of guy that improves any group,
and he has been that way the entire time I've known
him. He currently works for Grand Prairie ISD
and runs Geeks Who Drink pub trivia twice a week.
Taylor has sworn to give his life to save mine
in the event of a zombie apocalypse.


Michael Pearson

They say that like-minded people naturally
gravitate toward one another. This was definitely the
case when I met Michael. Throughout the years,
our interests in computers, history, outdoorsmanship,
competition, theology, literature, and entertainment
have aligned with eerie uniformity. Michael is an
ordained minister, currently working full time as a
computer programmer while he finishes his Master's
degree. Michael is my oldest friend, going back
17 years. Nothing but nothing can shake his resolve
to accomplish the vision that God has given him.
Michael has sworn to remain absolutely celibate
until the day I get married.


Richard Schklair

When I think of Richard, one word
comes to mind: "Winning". Richard has
a passion for living life to the fullest,
and a drive to excel that rivals even my own.
His eclectic and diverse interests are always
fascinating, and he has a mind like a trap.
Richard married Tori, his high-school sweetheart
and one of the coolest wives you will ever meet.
(Well, HE wasn't technically in high-school because
he graduated at age 14.) Richard currently resides
in Houston where he has been deftly climbing the
corporate ladder at Accenture. Richard has sworn
to grant me 15% voting stock
in every company he starts.


Jordan Metteauer

Jordan is one of the most well-rounded people
I've ever met. He's smart as any nerd,
tough as any jock, tender as any nurse.
It's not hard to find good things
to say about Jordan. He writes catchy music,
plays guitar, roots for the longhorns,
fathers children, courts a beautiful wife,
and has a consistent racquetball kill-shot.

Jordan earned his MBA from Baylor and is
applying his talents at HEB's corporate offices.
Jordan has sworn to tattoo my name on his baby.


Zach Sullivan

Zach is the quintessential southern gentleman.
He is polite to everyone, fiercely loyal
to his friends, and stronger than a bull
moose. He and I roomed together for one
semester and created more memories from
that time than the rest of my undergraduate
career combined. Zach is one of the most
trustworthy people you will ever meet.
He recently finished Medical School
at Oklahoma State and is practicing in
neurological disorder treatment. Needless
to say, he's extremely bright. He's the
type of guy who knows a little something
about everything. Don't believe me? Test
him. Per my request, Zach has sworn to
wear burnt-orange scrubs and renounce
his fealty to Texas A&M.


The Officiant




Matthew Cale


Matthew Roland Cale, the first by that name, is an ambitious, talented, and brilliant young man with a penchant for tom-foolery.  Matt is an ordained minister and loyal to a fault. Matt and I met six years ago and have been close friends ever since. Matt has sworn to name his firstborn son "Derek".