Derek really surprised me with this amazing proposal! 


I had no idea it was coming! He picked me up for a romantic date less than a week after he had to move out of Austin. He took me to the same comedy show that we went to on our very first date. It was so romantic!

After we got there, he disappeared, saying he left something in his car. After awhile, I saw him talking to the owners. He came back and told me he was arranging to do his own comedy performance in a month. I believed him!

Later, during the show, they called him to stage. I was so confused, haha. He called me up to join him, saying we were going to sing a duet. I really thought we were! I got a clue when he dropped down one one knee.





Everyone clapped and it was an amazing moment, caught on video forever. I am so blessed.


After the show, Derek took me to an amazing Italian restaurant, where I was greeted with one rose for every week we had dated. Wow! Then we went to iPic theaters (the best movie theater imagineable) to see a late-night movie and enjoy our favorite cheesecake.



The night was so magical. I can't wait for the rest of our lives together!